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Leveraging the consultation, to join the international first-class strategy to achieve wisdom decodi

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In August 1st, Shineray holding with the world's largest information technology and business solutions company IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) strategic cooperation project start will be held in Shinerayan Industrial Park, Xu Ximing, vice president of IBM global business services in Greater China,Shineray holdings chairman Gong Daxing, IBM global business services project manager, Chongqing major the mainstream media, and Shineray &IBM all members of the project team of about 200 people attended the ceremony, conference by Vice President Long Jian presided over the Shineray holding.


(Shineray holding vice president Long Jian)


(IBM& Shineray strategic cooperation project was officially launched on site)

The ceremony kicked off in the Jiyang Shineray song, IBM Project Manager Ouyang Jie from project planning, motivation, content, value and organizational structure five aspects are introduced. Through a series of initiatives for Shineray holding comprehensive combing the transformation strategy, planning the transition path, to promote its customized intelligent customer LED manufacturing direction of the strategic transformation, to further enhance the core management team Shineray holding leadership and organizational capacity for change.


(IBM global business consulting services senior manager Ouyang Jie)

Shineray holding assistant to President Yu Bo in his speech, from the two aspects of why leveraging "and" how to take "the expression that only to subvert their own," made the future". Encourage project team members to "resolutely complete the task". Voice just fell, chairman Gong Daxing personally took office for the Department of a "target will reach" the red ribbon.


(Shineray holding assistant president Yu Bo)

Next, Shineray holding executive vice president Zhou Longlin said in his speech, the 19 years since themselves in Shineray, Shineray witnessed from the long journey toward the brilliant hard pioneer. "Shineray is stained with he described his opponent and blood warrior crawled out from the pile of dead!" And stressed that "for an entrepreneur who wants to change, you can find a reason to change at any time!" Finally, the brand slogan "Swinburne quoted Start Win More," all take positive action, to contribute to the transformation of this important strategic Shineray! "Shineray construction! Shineray development! Shineray forever!"



(launching ceremony meeting site)

The start of the project, Xu Ximing, vice president of IBM global business services in Greater China said: "through the strategic transformation, core competence construction and intelligent manufacturing in three aspects of the full force, Shineray holding will gradually build and the ability to adapt to the organizational structure of intelligent manufacturing era, the future will be able to provide more personalized and customized high-end products for the customer, to the world. IBM global business services have in-depth understanding of the industry and leading technology and ideas, hoping these leading information technology service concept, experience and technology, sharing and more enterprises, to allow more businesses to enjoy the dividends of intelligent manufacturing, the manufacturing industry transformation Chinese contribution."


(media exchange)


(Xu Ximing, vice president of IBM global corporate advisory services division, China)

At the launch ceremony, Gong Daxing, chairman of the board for why cooperation with IBM, how to cooperate and cooperation will give us what to make a statement. He pointed out that the reason behind the project, "19 years of enterprise development, must be examined, we need to ask the doctor to check," specialist "to cure method, the key change on their own work habits and mode of thinking. By boat across the sea, shipbuilding as a charter, and successful people, companies together is the beginning of success!"


(Shineray holdings chairman Gong Daxing)

Chairman Gong Daxing stressed that again a good layout, it is to rely on organizations and people to reach the core of cooperation with IBM is to cultivate people.

The end of the meeting, chairman Gong Daxing played the exchange of voice and Debon logistics company chairman Cui Weixing, to remind everyone must have difficulties, but this cannot be a reason for not doing the project. If there is no difficulty, indicating no value, the more difficult, the greater the value. Start up, there can be no turning back, we put the money to invest in training and learning. More positive attitude, less negative energy spread, but also hope that we can supervise!"

The IBM to Shineray holdings, the leadership model will focus on using IBM services "(BLM)" intervention, help for the establishment of Shineray Shineray holding across development management language, leading the transformation and upgrading, innovation and development ". Cooperate with IBM Shineray pioneered in Chongqing, in-depth cooperation with IBM global business services. IBM is the world's giants, this cooperation Shineray is standing on the shoulders of giants, to join the international first-class wisdom, wisdom to achieve growth, development of customized intelligent manufacturing become inspirational leader.


(project portfolio)

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