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The United States delegation's visit to Mount St. Mary's University of MBA Xinyuan

Update time:2016-08-17 14:52:52         Visitors:

In August 9th, Mount St Marys University MBA a delegation of more than 30 people came to the valley of Shineray Industrial Park visit communication with relevant personnel, Shineray holding and its subsidiaries for the warm reception to the guests.


(St. Marys mountain University MBA delegation)

A pedestrian has visited the Shineray chain experience center, administration building, product exhibition hall and motorcycle, automobile, agricultural machinery three industrial production workshop.



(St. Marys mountain University MBA delegation)

During the visit, the narrator introduces the Shineray strength of enterprises, cultural ideas, management ability, the scale of the workshop and the main products, the guests listened carefully to explain, in the process of asking questions, and the Shineray Industrial Park scale, modern production line workers, professional ability and quality of the product details gave a high evaluation during the visit, in the exhibition hall, the students of the products also revealed a superb collection of beautiful things of great interest, have to take pictures.



(St. Marys mountain University MBA delegation)

After the visit, the delegation came to the Isle of man bar, Shineray assistant president Yu Bo and holding delegation exchange forum.


(St. Marys mountain University MBA delegation)

Learning process is affected each other, in the process of exchange delegation to show a good school, ask more, be good at mining the essence of the attitude of the problem also left a very deep impression on us, it is worth learning. Shineray holding has an open attitude, enthusiastic mind, professional spirit to meet the social from all walks of life to visit and review.

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