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technical service

technical service

Xinyuan Machinery Service for customer service

Objective: in order to better serve the market, quickly respond to market demand, standardize management methods, clear operation process, improve service efficiency, reduce service disputes, especially the development of these rules;

According to the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine and other five ministries jointly issued the "products of agricultural machinery repair, replacement, return the liability provisions" of the relevant provisions and the actual operation of customer service service, the implementation of the "who, who is responsible for the sales of three" principle, dealers at all levels should strive to improve maintenance skills, improve the service process, rapid response to market demand;

Three packs of rules - three packs of time

Three packs valid for one year from the date of purchase by the user (from the date of issue of the invoice);

The three main parts of the main components are valid for two years (including the main parts of the engine block, flywheel, cylinder head, transmission box);

The normal loss component is not in the range of three packages (such as tire, brake shoe, rotary, and the scraper, belt, all kinds of cables, battery, cutting knife, etc.).

Three packs of rules - three packs of policy

From the date of purchase (to purchase invoice) within 15 days of the normal use of major quality problems by the national "three packs of" replacement shall be replaced free of charge of the company with the same type of products.

The "three" period of the product, usually because of quality failure caused by manufacturing, packaging and other reasons, affecting the integrity, security, power and the use of the machine, should be to adjust, repair and warranty of the product should be able to reach the relevant technical standards.

In principle, the user in the date of purchase in the purchase locations for the "three pack" procedures, and fill out the warranty certificate in random.

In three the warranty period, Xinyuan products due to quality problems caused by fault, please bring the purchase invoice and three packets of documents to the nearest dealer Xinyuan identification processing.

No warranty

Can not produce three packs of cards and purchase invoice.

Because of force majeure or improper use (handling, bump, add substandard fuel or oil) damage.

Without my permission, or damage to my company special maintenance maintenance caused by debugging.

Fill in the product model or three packs of cards on the invoice number and maintenance products inconsistent or altered.

Over three packs of validity period, the repair is still continue to use.

Buyers are damaged due to the use and maintenance of the storage in accordance with the requirements of the specification.

When in use, beyond the limits of the work specified in the product (such as the maximum speed of the engine, the maximum continuous working hours and the maximum load) caused damage.

On the mechanical properties are not affected by the feeling of the phenomenon (such as sound, oil seepage, vibration, etc.).

Failure to recommend the use of oil, gasoline and diesel oil in accordance with the instructions for use.

Failure to use the pure components provided by the company.

Used in violation of state laws and regulations and the damage caused by the modification of the company without the approval of the company.

Testing and handling of products sold.

After the failure, not to maintain the original accuracy of the damage or without the seller, the company agreed to deal with, to deal with the cause of the technical reasons can not be identified.

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